Birthday Parties

This service is Cancelled until further Notice.


Birthday Parties

Have your Birthday Party here at The Complex!
We now have Birthday packages starting from just €100 for up to 16 kids!

That will get you –

* 90 minutes of sports and activities with our instructors
* 30 minutes in the Party Area
We do not provide food but you can bring your own and we’ll provide plates, cups, cutlery etc
we do not allow bouncy castles

We have an almost endless amount of sports and activities to try, from the usual to the not so usual and we can cater for boys and girls from as young as 4.

If you want to hire the hall for a few hours to do your own thing then contact us or more info.

Use of facilities and equipment

90 minutes of sports and activities organised and supervised by our instructors

30 minutes use of party area.

Soccer Sports Moving
Join in the Activities today

We do don’t do food, but if you want to bring your own we will provide you with cutlery, plates, cups, bowels, jugs, decorations etc.

Party area will be set up beforehand and cleaned after.

What can we do at the party?

We have an almost endless amount of sports and activities to try from, the usual to the not so usual. We can cater for boys and girls from as young as 4. If you can’t see an activity that you like on the list we can tailor the party to meet your needs.

Athletics, Softball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frizbee, Badminton, Orienteering, Whacky Races, Floorball, Tag Rugby, Playground Games, Olympic Handball, Balloon Games, Frizbee, Golf, Dodgeball, Lacrosse, Rounders, Basketball, Soccer, Treasure Hunts, Cricket

How much does it cost?

Price based on 90 mins of activities organised by us and 30 minutes hire of the party room

Up to 16 Kids: €100 24-32 Kids: €140

17 to 24 Kids: €120 32 to 40 Kids: €160


Avoid cleaning your house “twice” before and after a party.

A set time so parents know when to collect their kids.

We run the activities for you, sit back and relax or join in the fun.

Loads of activities to choose from with a minimum of two instructors organising the fun.

Being Prepared before hand

Arrive 10 minutes before kick off.

Please inform us of Any medical conditions.

If you’re bringing food, we will show you to the party area and you can set up from there.

Be there to meet the guests and get Any cards and pressies.

We will need an adult in attendance at all times for help with supervision if needed.

Send the kids into the sports hall where our instructors will take care of them for 90 minutes.

The last 30 minutes will be in the party room where its parents/guardians responsibility for food and supervision,

At the end of your party, collect your stuff and leave the clear up to us.

Cancelled until further Notice.

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